Should You Break Up With Your Partner to Travel?

Often people find themselves caught up between their dreams and their love life. If the dream is to travel the world then you’re doomed to feel this way once in your life.

A Tough Decision

If you’ve always dreamed of travelling to every place in the world then you will find yourself coming face to face with your partner. Most times, people sacrifice their dreams for their partners but you’re not one of them if you’re already on this article. So let’s move on from that and get to the discussion of whether you should break up or not.

Breaking Up With Your Partner to Travel: Pros And Cons

If you’re buying on way ticket to a far off place such as Asia or even Europe then you should definitely stop kidding yourself now. If you’re going then it’s very unlikely that you will come back. Making promises with yourself or your partner is only going to make things worse for yourself and your partner. Instead of keeping them in the dark about whether you will come back or not and breaking up from miles away, it is better that you break up in a proper way and let them know why you’re doing it.

However, if you are still stuck up on whether you should break up with your partner or not, then you need to consider all these questions and preferably ask yourself too.

Why Isn’t Your Partner Coming Along?

This is important to ask because if the only reason why you’re going alone is because you want to and you didn’t invite them in the first place then you shouldn’t even be here since you’re already so clear about what you want from life. But if they’re not coming because of other reasons then you must do what you need to do. Reasons such as obligations. But you know better than that since you’re also fighting all those obligations and understand what will be lost in the process. So if they’re not able to fight their obligations then you’re both probably not compatible enough.

You Both Have Different Life Priorities

Only way to find that out is by asking them to travel with you. Your priority in life is your dreams but if they’re not willing not give up everything to travel the world then it’s because you both don’t share these dreams. Some couples are supportive of each other’s dreams even if they don’t share them. If you feel you have a permanent connection with your partner and travelling away from them won’t change anything, then you won’t even be reading this article. Who are you kidding?

If the only reason that you want to give up on your dreams is because you feel scared about never finding love again, then that’s entirely wrong. You’ll fall in love again because you will be more capable of loving someone once you’ve achieved your dreams and feel completely satisfied.