How to Break Up Gracefully?

Break ups are indeed hard to handle especially those that happen in a rough way. It won’t be wrong to say that we’re in our most vulnerable state after a break up. If you know you’re going be feel very emotionally vulnerable, then I would advise that you keep your friends and family involved. Since you’re going to make a bad decision and will need people to stop you from going through with it.

There are questions that you need to make yourself go through after the break up. What was the cause? Was it coming from a long time or did things just snap due to one issue? Was it a long-term serious relationship or was it just one of those timely flings? Were you dumped or were you the one who dumped?

Whatever the answers to these questions may be, break ups need to be carefully handled. There are some ways to handle a break up gracefully and they have been listed below.

Do NOT Make a Scene!

Keep your anger to minimum as it’s not going to do you any good. Feeling distraught and torn apart is fine and expressing that pain is also fine. But expressing your anger by throwing tantrums is just going to make you look stupid. This becomes a rule if you’re doing it in public. Do not wreck their car or do anything else of sort since that’s just going to make things worse. Control your anger or the time being and once you’re back home, break some glass and be done with it.

Do Not Try to Be Extra Sweet While You’re Doing It, It Can Backfire

Some people get all compassionate when they’re breaking and decide to be nice to them after all the time that they’ve spent in a relationship with them. Once your relationship is wrecked, the other person’s emotions are no longer your concern. And don’t just forget why you were doing it in the first place all of a sudden and go all gooey for them while you’re doing it. It will make it harder on them too. Just go forward and give them a hug after you’re done. Only because it will make them feel better but don’t go out of your way.

Cut Off With Them Until You’re Completely Over It

Of course you’re going to miss them but that doesn’t mean you should try to stay friends with them. It will only make it harder since you will both be stuck on pulling the last strings. There is nothing that can be done and staying in contact will make things more complicated than they already are. If you want to be get emotionally stable than you have to take this last step and delete their number. You will be glad you did it.

Last but not the least: talk to someone about it. It will definitely help if you keep your best friend and your family members involved.