Hot Water Systems Issues And Their Fixes

Hot water systems can sometimes get complicated if there is an error in one of the components. The errors can occur frequently and most of their causes arise from blockage at different area. If that happens in your house then your hot water system might stop working and the taps will run out of water. This situation requires an emergency check to diagnose where the issue is occurring.


In hot water systems, the gas flow is very crucial. Sometimes, the gas pipes get blocked and gas stops flowing to the system. Due to this the water doesn’t heat up. You might be thinking it’s due to load shading but it’s actually blockage. The gas pipes get blocked due to various reason like a spider web causing obstruction.

Faulty Components

The components such as the thermocouple could get heated up. This could cause break down and if that happens then the water won’t heat up. The only solution for this problem would be replacement. The thermocouple will have to be replaced immediately.

Tempering Valves

There are valves along the gas pipes to assist gas flow. These valves can stop working due to any reason. It will be crucial to replace them.

Why Are The Taps Running Cold Water Even With a Working System?

Sometimes a fault in the hot water system could cause Cold water to come out of the taps instead of hot. Most people have instant hot water systems. For such systems, you should check the pilot flame. In the Fremantle plumbing project, after fixing the pilot flame, the hot water system started working perfectly.

Sometimes, the thermostat’ settings get changed and they have to be adjusted again for it to start working again. It often has to be adjusted manually.